Besides an array of cameras, we have, two, very high end computers, rendering anywhere's up to 4K.  Of course some of the movies were done many years ago, when things weren't quite as advanced.  The first Corporate Web Video (In 2000)  was done on an E Machine, rendered in 320x240, and took some work to re-master.  Funny, our wall thermostat has more memory that that old beast.
Currently, we render and produce with, Corel Video Studio 2019, Ultimate.  Some graphics have been done with a program called, Maya, by: Autodesk
Graphics work takes practice, and software knowledge, and a huge desire to create, and there is no way better than just to play around, and that's, just what we do.  It makes it much simpler when involved in a real project, where time is of the essence.
Game captures are done in a Virtual World, Called Second Life.  We have a studio set up in there where we have our band,  (The Last Resort Band) perform, and we do special chroma key captures to convert into The Real World
Here's a sample of the newest Second Life Capture
How we make Machinima/CGI Videos